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Created on 2009-04-16 23:16:38 (#84419), last updated 2017-04-28 (20 weeks ago)

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absolute magnitude, albert einstein, alpha centauri, arc seconds, asteroid belt, asteroids, astronomy, auroras, binary stars, black holes, bode's law, celestial sphere, cepheid variable, comets, conjunctions, constellations, corona, cosmic rays, declinations, double stars, dwarf stars, eclipse, ecliptic, extrasolar planets, galaxies, galileo galilei, giovanni domenico cassini, globular clusters, inverse square law, isaac newton, johannes kepler, jupiter, kuiper belt, life on other planets, luminosity, mars, mercury, meteorites, meteors, meteroids, minor planets, moon phases, moons, nebulae, neptune, nicolaus copernicus, novas, open clusters, parallax, parsecs, planetary nebulae, planets, ptolemy, pulsars, red giants, rings, roche limit, satellites, saturn, sedna, solar flares, space exploration, star formation, stars, stellar systems, sunspots, supernovas, the big bang, the oort cloud, tycho brahe, uranus, variable stars, venus, white dwarfs
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