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I'm not a man of wealth and fame. My main interest in astronomy is the fact that I'm married to an astronomer: I do enjoy astronomy, I'm just not a scientist. My wife operates the 3.5 meter telescope at Apache Point Observatory, and also runs the APOLLO lunar laser ranging experiment (got some good results last night in marginal weather). And she is famous, at least in some circles: she was the final segment of the Mythbusters episode in 2008 debunking the 'man has never been to the moon' garbage, along with several other TV programs.

We're hoping to head up to Oregon to see the solar eclipse this year, we'll see what happens. I had hoped to buy a solar telescope to take some photos of it, but I've been unemployed for about 10 months now, so that's not too likely. Maybe I can kitbash something together.

If you like big telescope pictures, or are interested in a video that I made about the lunar laser ranging conducted at APO, I have a photography web site. I need to upload a couple of photos of the Clark telescope at Lowell Observatory that I shot in February, unfortunately the Pluto Discovery Telescope and dome are closed for a refurb. I'm hoping next year to be able to get some fresh photos of them.
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